Re-engineering Recipes from Heston

Potato Doughnuts
Potato Doughnuts

In case you didn’t realise it as yet, I’m a TV cooking and recipe book tragic. One of the continuing irritants of my life as a fedup mother is that I can no longer rush off and experiment with a recipe from Nigella or Jamie or whoever the flavour of the week is, a bot of recipe re-engineering is required. I’ve even stopped watching shows because I found it too painful. On an afterthought, it’s probably not bad at all to reduce the time in front of the TV and on the couch. Sometime ago, by mistake, I watched one of Heston’s episodes, something about cooking good airline food, and then, one of his crazy feasts, all very nice entertainment, but then I found a DVD in the library of “How to cook like Heston’, and was riveted, along with the resident 7 year old, who has watched it several times by the way.

Inevitably, then, I had to get to the Channel 4 website and get the recipes and wonder how to rework them..there was no problem with his recipes for potato chips, steak and burgers..all of which are totally failsafe, and you can follow them without re-engineering. In fact the steaks were so easy that I even made them for a weekday breakfast. Anyone with teenage sons who need a failsafe protein rich breakfast on a cool autumn morning, will understand why.

However, there was one recipe that I felt I had to re-work, the Potato Doughnut recipe, thats dipped in jam and popping sugar. I had to skip the jam, because of the use of potato milk ( uses potato skins to infuse the milk – that’s out because of the high salicylates), and the potato sugar was out too, because of the high sugar content ( even if I left the green colouring out). Ok, I know, let’s not get all cynical here, doughnuts and I’m worrying about sugar? Well, there is sugar and sugar overload.

This is what I do, for the steak, burgers and chips, I checked that the meat was fresh, and I didn’t let the meat ‘age’ as Heston recommends, as we want to keep the amines down, that was all. The quick cooking ensures that there’s no build up of amines, and for the potatoes, I just used the white unwashed potatoes that have the minimum salicylates. For the doughnuts, I either dropped out the high sals options, like the potato milk, thereby making the steps even fewer, and I substituted the flour with gluten free options, and the sugar with dextrose, to reduce fructose. With the doughnuts I measured everything, since this was the first time I was making it.

Another step, its helps to print out the recipe, and make changes as you go along.

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